Will you refund if the results are incorrect?

No, we will not do a refund if the results are “incorrect”. All the results have a probabilistic nature and the terms “correct” and “incorrect” are not applicable here. One more reason for this decision is various investment/trading strategies: our usage of our reports can show quite different outcomes for different strategies. Adventum is not responsible and cannot be responsible for a trading strategy choice and will not recommend or advise against any of them.

Also, Adventum cannot take into account the impact of large-scale social, political and economic events or crises, as well as natural, ecological or humanitarian disasters.

The impact of the mentioned factors is unpredictable. This is under our control and even the most powerful and algorithmically-perfect supercomputers cannot significantly improve such kinds of forecasts.

Thus, you and only you are the end decision-maker about the Adventum recommendation usage and only you are responsible for your investment “correctness” or “incorrectness”.

At the same time, Adventum will make a refund if a problem is detected on our end and we cannot resolve it for more than 10 days. In this case, all the affected Customers will be informed by email.

Read more here about the Refund rules.