Product – is an AI-driven investment portfolio recommendation service for the analysis of stocks, cryptocurrencies & NFTs. Adventum checks 7 500+ NASDAQ tickers & 1 500+ Coins and NFTs. We have data and make recommendations for:

The difference in the quoted and processed number of assets is due to the fact that each individual ticker or coin should have a sufficient amount of historical data for analysis.

Adventum analyses data from stocks, crypto and NFTs markets using a unique especially developed Algorithm. The algorithm is based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technologies. The Algorithm is the innovative core of the service. All the data used for training, processing and validation are taken from open sources.

Advantages of Adventum

Growing Market

– up to 80%

And even more according to the testing resultss

Success Probability
– up to 85%

And even better according to the testing results

Results Relability Rate
– up to 95%

According to the life-testing and private investment

Falling Market

Significant Losses Risk
– up to -60%

And even less according to the testing resultss

Success Probability
– up to 65%

According to the algorithmic assessment


Service provides transparent recommendations for long-term investment. The target retention period is 12+ months.

Adventum generates 2 kinds of reports:

Results are provided in the form of PDF reports. Each batch of results can contain one or more PDF files. Each file is an independent investment portfolio. We provide portfolio updates each 7-15 calendar days. You can use one or more recommendations from a file (find more info in our FAQ section).

You can find the example Nasdaq here:

Starting 2022-06-26 Adventum also provides Insights Reports. This is a brief 1-page PDF with a few theses that are the conclusion from the Algorithm results. In other words, it is a summary of the Algorithm’s output metadata. Each crypto and stocks reports has its own insights.

A package example for Сrypto:

Unzipped Package


Currently, the Adventum has the following limitations:

For Stocks

  • Adventum works with Nasdaq stocks only
  • The algorithm cannot process stocks of different classes (for example, A, B, C)
  • Service processes about 7 500+ Nasdaq stocks but allows participation in recommendations for only 6 000+ stocks

For Crypto & NFTs

  • Adventum works with ConinMarketCap Crypto & NFTs only
  • The algorithm does not work with Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Service processes about 1 200+ ConinMarketCap Crypto & NFTs only from 7 500+ available

Adventum cannot foresee or be responsible in any form for the economic impact of such global disasters as epidemics, social crises or military confrontations and etc. These events can have a significant and unpredictable impact on algorithmic suggestments.

Find more information about Reliability & Trust here…

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