The mission of the Adventum project is to help private investors save their capital in today’s rapidly changing world

We want to make the World better via the re-distribution of financial flows to really important spheres of life and scientific projects.

The core of Adventum is a unique algorithm which is based on one of the most powerful artificial intelligence directions and on a brave and unique unpublish economic hypothesis.

At the very begging, the algorithm was made only for private usage. But after its implementation and careful testing, it became obvious it can be used as a tool for the creation of an Investment Fund for direct support in technological and biotech startups and research projects. This is the reason why Adventum became a commercial project.

  • Adventum does not play with money: we only provide recommendations that are backed by algorithms and AI.
  • The information, which Adventum provides, either investment portfolio suggestions or profit and risks assessment is simple and understandable.
  • Adventum’s recommendations are not a push to action – this is another way to find the optimal solution and save time.
  • The project has been in the life-testing stage since August 2021. Our recommendations have been used by several private investors since September 2021.

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Adventum history and roadmap – check the History & Roadmap.