Crypto Plan is Available! 🎉

We have great news! Our Crypto plan is finally available! Adventum has done an incredible job launching it during these difficult times. But we did it!!! The recent Crypto report contains 3 portfolios and quite positive success rate assessments!) Visit our Plans page to learn more. And, oh yes, crypto reports are already available for… Continue reading Crypto Plan is Available! 🎉

How often should reports be updated?

The frequency of reporting updates depends on your trading strategy and you can make this decision on your own. Note: Since Adventum is intended for long-term investments, we provide report updates not often than once per 7-15 days.

Information Security & Monty Hall Paradox

Hello, I am Kanstantsin and I am the founder of Sometimes I write tech articles about different interesting topics. Today I decided to create an article about Information Security (IS), which is quite important in FinTech It is usually considered that AI and Data Science (DS) are quite distant from IS. In this article,… Continue reading Information Security & Monty Hall Paradox

Do I need to invest in all portfolio items at once?

It is highly desirable that you use the Adventum recommendations as fully as possible. The fullest use of recommendations increases the probability of obtaining results (ROI) closest to the predictions and estimates of the algorithm. At the same time, the full use of recommendations is not an obligatory requirement for maximizing ROI. Since all predictions… Continue reading Do I need to invest in all portfolio items at once?

What is the best retention period?

The Adventum project was created for long-term investment. The target retention periods that are used in testing are 12 and 18 months. The minimum calculated and tested retention period is 3 months. But you can use your own holding period according to your trading/investment strategy.

Will you refund if the results are incorrect?

No, we will not do a refund if the results are “incorrect”. All the results have a probabilistic nature and the terms “correct” and “incorrect” are not applicable here. One more reason for this decision is various investment/trading strategies: our usage of our reports can show quite different outcomes for different strategies. Adventum is not… Continue reading Will you refund if the results are incorrect?