Reliability & Trust

One of the most important things about advisory services, especially in fintech, is the reliability of the recommendations and a high level of trust. These values are essential parts of Adventum.

Before the start of public usage, Adventum’s algorithm had several months of testing and reliability checks of its recommendations. The current reliability & trust insurance architecture has automated and semi-automated testing and includes several steps.

1. Data Validation

The algorithm automatically checks the reliability and volume of available data for each stock share and crypto coin. Only the data, which passes checks is used in the algorithm.

The algorithm checks the data before each round of recommendations. These checks are 100% algorithmic and use data from 3rd-party APIs.

2. Financial & Statistical Indicators Checks

The algorithm automatically checks such metadata and forecasting indicators as ROI, ARR, and investment success probability (that the profit will be more than the market average). For stocks, there is processed a comparison with NASDAQ indicators. Only the data which passes the check is used in recommendations.

These checks are 100% algorithmic.

3. Retrospective Testing

Retrospective testing is one of the parts of the AI training process. The essence of the test is the usage of historical data from “distant” the past for training algorithms for forecasting recommendations for the time period which is “near” past:

Only the system configurations that pass the checks with high-quality scores are used to create “modern” recommendations. These checks are 100% algorithmic.

4. Real-Life Testing

All forecasts from the algorithm are recorded and stored. This data is periodically compared with the real market state. In other words, forecasts are compared with reality.

At the moment, all checks show a high degree of reliability of the results of predictions if comparing them with reality. For some parameters, the correlation can reach 99%.

5. Impact Minimisation

Investment offers provided by Adventum, if they are available to a large number of market participants, can at best become useless, and at worst, have a significant negative impact on the entire market.

This is the reason why we limit our sales. Adventum always has no more than 150 customers. This number can be changed in the future.

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