Information security and data protection of our customers are our priorities. For this reason, we temporarily process all payments manually with no 3rd-party services. The usual processing time is 2-3 hours for payments are made from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. CET, or up to 24 hours if payments are made on weekends or holidays.


30 EUR


40 EUR


55 EUR

W-Ether (WETH) Polygon Network


Deposit Address

Select the desired report type.
Please add information about your transaction so that we can identify it.
Enter the email to which the report will be sent.

How to pay?

  1. Use the form below for making the payment
  2. Use info from the interactive crypto board for entering the correct ETH (WETH – for the Polygon (MATIC) network) value
  3. If the payment is accepted, you will receive the requested report type on the email within the processing timeframe
  4. If the payment is declined, you will receive an email with additional information

Important Notes:

  • An accepted price difference is ±5%.
  • If the payment is lower (<95%) you will be asked to pay extra otherwise the report will not be delivered.
  • Please remember you are responsible for all transaction fees.

Do you have questions?