Payment & Delivery Terms

How to pay?

  1. Right now we process crypto payments only. Available cryptocurrencies are BitCoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)
    • for BTC we use the native BTC network
    • for ETH we use Polygon (MATIC) network
  2. We use the service for the BTC transfers. During the payment process, you will be redirected to the Blockonomics website.
    • Blockonomics manages all the payment steps including payment verification.
    • A paid report will be automatically available via the Blockonomics website after the system process the payment.
    • If something goes wrong you will be redirected back to this website.
    • The estimated payment processing time is 20 minutes.
  3. We also process BTC and ETH payments manually with no 3rd-party services.
    • The usual processing time is 2-3 hours for payments are made between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. CET, or up to 24 hours if payments are made on weekends or holidays.
    • When the payment is accepted, you will receive the requested report type by email within the processing period.
    • If the payment is declined you will receive an email with additional information and clarifications: all cases will be solved individually.
    • Reports will be sent to the email, which you specify in the payment form. The same email will be used to contact you if there are issues with the payment.
  4. Reports are provided as a ZIP file with PDF documents. Check the Product page to see a report example.

Payment Notes

  1. The received payment amount will be verified to the crypto price by the time the server registered the request.
  2. An accepted price difference is ±5%.
  3. If the payment is lower (<95%) you will be asked to pay extra otherwise the report will not be delivered.
  4. If the payment exists (>105%) the refund will be processed if it will be technically possible and will not lead to financial losses for Adventum. For example:
    • We use the Nexo wallet as the main wallet for all our operations.
    • The minimum amount of BTC, which can be withdrawn from Nexo is 0.001 BTC (without a withdrawal fee).
    • Thus if 0.00085 BTC were paid extra – Adventum technically will not be able to process this operation.
    • Check information about refaund limits in the table below.
  5. Please remember you are responsible for all transaction fees.
CurrencyMinimum withdrawal to a Nexo walletMinimum withdrawal to other wallets
BTC / Bitcoin0.001 0.0012
ETH / Ethereum0.010.012
Minimum Withdrawal Amounts